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Clean Sweep Services offers regular maintenance services, by our experienced technicians and industrial sweepers will remove trash, dirt and debris from your parking lot providing a cleaner, safer environment, for you, your employees, and patrons.

  • Sweeping helps prolong the life of your very expensive pavement as well as the flooring inside of your business. Sand and debris stick to shoes. This “walking sandpaper” destroys by scratching and scraping surfaces.
  • We start with the sidewalks! Blowing debris off your sidewalks, prior to sweeping the lot helps the dirt stay outside of your business allowing a cleaner, more inviting atmosphere inside.
  • Regular sweeping will help prevent trash and pollutants from running into the storm drains and may also help to avoid lawsuits from slips and falls due to heavy sand and debris build up on your pavement.
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Commercial Real Estate

Our team sweeps and maintains: Shopping Centers / Strip Malls, Retail Stores / Storefronts, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Banks, Schools & Churches and more. We also perform minor Commercial Landscape Maintenance and one-time clean ups and are Contractor friendly!

Residential Real Estate

Apartment complexes, R.V. Resorts, Condos? We can sweep to maintain those expensive roadways too!

Pressure Washing

Let us get you scheduled for a one time or regular cleaning of those dingy, dirty concrete sidewalks, and pathways!

Corporate & Contract Friendly

3 of our Managers/Owners come from Fortune 500 Companies. We have decades of experience with contracts, insurance requirements and corporate compliance.



Clean Sweep Services now offers dumpster rentals in Yuma, AZ! Equipped with a 13-Yard Roll-Off Dumpster, our Residential Roll Off Service System helps you get rid of any and all unnecessary waste, debris, storage, trash, yard-work, and more! Our Roll-Off Dumpster can get the job done that a pickup truck can't.

When your friend's pickup truck won't cut it, a 13-yard roll-off dumpster will. We offer affordable Residential Roll-Off Dumpster rental and delivery service for home remodeling, heavy-duty yard work, cleaning out 25 years' worth of unnecessary junk in your garage, or when regular trash receptacles won't handle the excess junk you have. Call 928-304-2680 to schedule a service today.

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How We Make a Difference

Professional Staff

Clean Exterior Offers a Safer Environment

Prevents Things from Tracking Into Your Office

Prolongs Life of Pavement & Protects Vehicles & Tires


A Package That Fits Your Needs

Dirt and Dust go airborne and get on your interior, shelves, and products. We evaluate each client individually to make sure we can offer you the best possible deal. See how affordable it is to keep your business looking its best and prolong the life of your pavement. GIVE US A TRY, YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

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Some of the factors that help determine cost are:

  • Time
  • Condition of Lot
  • Size of Lot
  • Frequency
  • Vacuum Truck vs
  • Commercial Broom Sweeper
  • Litter Service vs
  • Debris Service


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One of our prominent clients
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